Obituary – David N. Dinkins

New York’s first African-American Mayor and a benefactor for tennis died on 23 November at the age of 93.

Medvedev makes a clean sweep at the final O2

Daniil Medvedev has earned the biggest title of his career by winning the Nitto ATP Finals at the O2 and hopes it will serve as a springboard to greater things over the next few years, as he attempts to follow his beaten rival to a Grand Slam triumph.

Mektic & Koolhof triumph in ATP doubles final

Croatia’s Wesley Koolhof & Nikola Mektic from the Netherlands won their first doubles title as a team at the Nitto ATP Finals on Sunday, sealing their maiden title together by defeating Austria’s Jurgen Melzer & France’s Edouard Roger Vasselin, 6-2 4-6 [10-5],...

Thiem and Medvedev spring two shocks to reach final

This year’s Nitto ATP Final title will be settled for the last time at The O2 in London on Sunday and will surprisingly, not feature either of the top two players in the world following their respective defeats at the semi-final stage.

Salisbury & Ram lose No 1 spot hope

Saturday proved a step too far for Joe Salisbury & Rajeev Ram, who led by a set and a break, and were 7-1 up in the match tiebreak, but lost 6-7(7) 6-3 [11-9] to Edouard Roger-Vasselin & Jurgen Melzer. and, in so doing, let the No 1 World ranking slip out of...

Djokovic makes up the final four

The finish line is within reach as the top four players in the world gather themselves for a final lunge to become the 2020 Nitto ATP Finals champion and not only bring this year’s convoluted season to an end, but also bring the curtain down on The O2’s involvement...

Salisbury & Ram on course for top spot

There is added drama attached to the semi-final doubles matches at the O2 Arena, where the Nitto ATP Finals are being staged for the last time and the conclusion of a decade of indoor tennis in London draws near to a close on Sunday.

Salisbury & Ram make semi-finals at the O2

With the year-end World No 1 spot up for grabs, Joe Salisbury & Rajeev Ram secured their semi-final berth at the Nitto ATP Finals after a thrilling marathon win over Germany’s Kevin Krawietz & Andreas Mies, 7-6(5) 6-7(4) [10-4], in 2 hours and 5 minutes, the...

Nadal trumps Tsitsipas

Rafa Nadal has got himself back on track to achieve his goal of winning the Nitto ATP Finals for the first time by eliminating the defending champion Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-4 4-6 6-2 and reach the semi-finals of the prestigious end-of-season event being played out at...

Australian Open still causing concern

As the 2020 season draws to an end, players and fans are looking ahead to next year with the hope of seeing the two tours settling down into their traditional calendars.
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Alcott accuses USTA of discrimination

The USTA’s decision to cancel the wheelchair tournament at this year’s US Open has been described as ‘discriminating’ by Australia’s two-time champion, Dylan Alcott, the current world number one.

Could you imagine this morning if they said ‘actually, we’re not going to have a women’s draw, we’re just going to have a men’s! Or we’re going to have a women’s draw and not a men’s?’ That’s sexism. That’s discrimination Dylan Alcott

The decision which Alcott maintains was made without player consultation, made him angry as he told Channel 10’s ‘The Project’.

“I was angry this morning but now I’m really sad,” Alcott said today. “It makes me sad because I’ve spent my whole life trying to show that people with a disability are equal to other people.

“Could you imagine this morning if they said ‘actually, we’re not going to have a women’s draw, we’re just going to have a men’s! Or we’re going to have a women’s draw and not a men’s?’ That’s sexism. That’s discrimination.

“Nobody asked me if coronavirus affects my disability; nobody asked me anything and nobody asked any other players anything. They made that decision for us because we are disabled.”

“People telling me today (that) it’s not discrimination, it’s just a business choice — that is discrimination when you don’t get given a choice about your life,” he later added.

The 29-year-old, holder of 10 grand slam singles wheelchair titles and last year’s US Open finalist, had trained hard for this year’s event.

“I’ve got cuts on my hands because I’ve been training so hard,” he said. “I want to make Australia proud, my family proud, you guys proud who have supported me for so long.

“To have that ripped away with no reason, not telling us the reason — I’m normally a happy guy – it just hit me today.”

In his opinion the decision is a backward step which could damage his sport.

“I thought we are getting better,” he continued. “I’m not here to say everybody sucks, the world is getting more inclusive, but this as a major corporation just saying ‘stuff it, it’s in the too hard basket or it costs money or they might get sick or whatever it is.’ It just takes us back a few steps.”

“It’s not too late,” he concluded. “You can make a wrong decision and give us the chance.

“Some players might choose not to go, the tournament might not even go ahead because of COVID and all the riots – and my love goes to everybody that has been affected all around the world – but leave that choice up to us, don’t make that on our behalf.”




  1. Kerry Grace

    This is a difficult one… I can see both sides… From Dylan’s point of view, why cut the disabled tennis? Why them? From the USTA s point of view, they can’t have too many people there at once so have cut the competitions that don’t traditionally attract the crowds and TV coverage like wheelchair, mixed and vets. The vets could have an equally strong case re-age discrimination. I guess something had to give. The USTA appears to be one of the most ‘woke’ organisations in sport so this accusation will undoubtedly horrify them. I think a decent compromise would be to hold the wheelchair event if possible, a week later like they do with the Paralympics etc.


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