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Bath | Quality tennis on display in the quads division

Bath | Quality tennis on display in the quads division

The quads division has given us some fantastic matches over the past 12 months and the first round at Bath Indoor was no different.

I managed to keep my cool and started to play a lot better later in the second set then the third set was pretty comfortable. Antony Cotterill

Among those to make it through to the quarter-finals were two Brits – Antony Cotterill and Richard Green.

Cotterill was taken to three sets by Sweden’s Anders Hard but in the end he was the victor 6-1 5-7 6-1.

He said: “It was bit mixed today really. The start and the end was really good but the middle was a bit slow for me to start.

“Anders played well though to be fair I have to give him credit – he took the first four games of the second set within ten minutes and then I always kind of had my back against the wall.

“But I managed to keep my cool and started to play a lot better later in the second set then the third set was pretty comfortable.”

Green was involved in an all-British affair against compatriot Gary Cox who he defeated in straight sets 6-0 6-2.

Also booking their places in the quarter-final were Australia’s Heath Davidson, the USA’s Nick Taylor and Brazil’s Yamanitu Silva.

Davidson earned a straight set victory over Britain’s James Shaw 6-4 6-0.

Former World number one Nick Taylor also saw off his opponent Attila Csiszar in straight sets 6-0 6-1.

And Silva defeated Petter Edstrom 6-1 6-1

Cotterill’s second set scare

Today Cotterill really didn’t make it easy for us tennis fans.

After comfortably claiming the first set 6-1 you’d have thought the next set would have been just as simple.

Think again!

Playing Sweden’s Hard is never a simple task he does have a habit of gathering a bit of momentum and before you know it he’s taken a game and then a set off you and that’s what he did with Cotterill today in the second set.

Hard raced to a 4-0 lead before Cotterill pulled it back and at five all the Swedish player went on another run taking the next two games and the second set, so we were into a decider.

After that scare Cotterill re-grouped and the third set played out much like the first leaving Cotterill to take the third set and the match.

He said: “Me and Anders have had many many really long and tough battles over the years and if you give him even a sniff of chance he’ll be straight in there.”

The British number two will now face World number one, David Wagner at the other side of the net in his quarter-final

He’s a player he has never beaten but who he was close to getting his first win over at the French Riviera Open back in September when he took him to three sets for the first time.

Cotterill continued: “Yeah, that’ll be good practice for the Masters in a couple of weeks”

Antony will play David Wagner in the next round

Davidson hoping for an All-Australian semi-final showdown

Davidson started his Bath Indoor campaign in style with a straight set victory over British number three Shaw 6-4 6-0.

He said: “It was pretty good. James has really improved a lot since I last played him and I think and I got a bit of a fright in the first set as it was close but I got back into the groove of things at the end and took that second set 6-0 so I’m pretty happy.”

And whilst Davidson had noticed an improvement in Shaw’s play it could not go without saying that the Australian has also seen and impressive improvement in his game this year seeing him rise up the rankings.

As well as beating a number of the top quads division players this year, in August he also scored his first and second victory over World number one, David Wagner, in as many weeks.

He said: “The first one I thought it was a fluke and then I did it again the week after.”

And now only a quarter-final match stands in the way of a semi-final meeting with the man he won a doubles Paralympic Gold Medal alongside in Rio, Dylan Alcott.

For that to happen Davidson would have to get past another Brit Richard Green in his quarter- final, a player who the World number 5 describes as having ‘a massive serve and massive forehand’.

When asked about having to go up against so many British players on their home turf he joked: “Well I guess somebody’s got to be the villain so it might as well be me.”

And all Alcott, who is the second seed in the competition, would need to do is get past Brazilian Ymanitu Silva.

A task which is more than achievable for the two talented Australians who can boast a number of singles and doubles titles between them.

And the outcome should the all-Australian semi-final happen – well Davidson thinks he knows what it will be.

He said light-heartedly: “I reckon you will see an all-Australian semi-final here and then it’s the battle of the better looking bloke and I reckon I’m better looking so hopefully that means I can get the job done.”

We’ll ask Dylan to give us his thoughts on that statement tomorrow shall we Heath.

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