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Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova officially opened a Hall of Fame on Thursday, dedicated to her in the spaces of the Knurr Palace in Fulnek, Moravia-Silesia, the town where she was born and grew up in the Czech Republic.

The 32-year old is one of the most successful female tennis players in Czech history, having won 29 singles titles on the WTA Tour, helping the Czech team to win the Fed Cup (now Billie Jean King Cup) 6 times and winning a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, while in 2011, she won the WTA Championships and rose to World No 2 in the rankings.

The exhibit celebrates all these on-court career successes in two distinct and separate areas.

One part of the exhibition displays tennis rackets, player accreditations, and even pieces of clothing belonging to Kvitova, while the other features two trophy cabinets, which include both the Wimbledon trophies she won in 2011 and 2014.

According to Tenisovy Svet, one of the items on display is a wooden racket, which Kvitova used when she first started to play tennis.

“I have two older brothers who played tennis,” she said. “As the youngest, I ran with them and handed them balls. That bat has been through a lot.”

The idea of creating Kvitova’s own Hall of Fame came from her brother Libor, and her father Jiri was involved in preparing the facility, which was developed by the city of Fulnek and the Tennis Sparta Agency.

Jiri, who was the person that introduced his daughter to tennis, was unable to attend the opening ceremony due to health reasons.

Kvitová said that it was a great honour for her to have her own Hall of Fame, especially while she is still alive.

“It’s the first Hall of Fame for an individual athlete in the Czech Republic, so I’m glad that Fulnek is the first in something again,” Kvitova told the Czech media. “I gave my brother permission.

“I asked my dad, and even though he didn’t have much to do, he had to allow it. After all, they are my trophies,” she later added.

Kvitova has been an honorary citizen of Fulnek since winning her maiden major title back in 2011.

Petra Kvitova's trophies are on display in the Hall of Fame

© Petra Kvitova/Instagram

During her career, she won more than $34M in prize money and has beaten a Top 10 player on more than 50 separate occasions.

Amid her success, Kvitova also had to endure a serious hand injury that threatened to end her career after an intruder entered her apartment and held a knife to the tennis player’s throat in 2016.

Kvitova fought to free herself but, in the process, suffered a serious cut to her hand from the knife which required immediate surgery.

Damage was done to her nerve and, even when she returned to the Tour, she had no feeling in some parts of her hand but, despite this, 10 out of her 29 titles have come following that ordeal.

After an extensive police investigation and search, Radim Zondra was convicted of the offence and sent to prison in 2019.

One item on display is her runners-up trophy from the 2019 Australian Open, which she describes as the most ‘painful defeat’ of her career as she missed out on winning the title to Naomi Osaka, who battled to a marathon 7-6(2) 5-7 6-4, victory.

“Probably no one believed that I could be in the final of the Grand Slam again,” Kvitova reflected. “It was probably the most painful defeat in my career, but when I look back on it, I think it was an amazing success after everything that happened.”

Kvitova returns to competition next week at the Prague Open, a WTA 250 hard-court event, where she is set to be the 3rd seed.




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