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London | Dabrowski and Groth denounce Roland Garros move

London | Dabrowski and Groth denounce Roland Garros move

The rescheduling of the French Open to September, the week after the US Open and at the same time as the Laver Cup as well as other WTA and ATP events, is still causing concern especially amongst players.

You just can't pick a date and sit on it. Yeah, I don't really know what the protocol is for a situation like that Gaby Dabowski

Australia’s Sam Groth believes the FFT (French Tennis Federation) are trying to kill off the Laver Cup while Canada’s two time mixed doubles grand slam champion Gaby Dabrowski doesn’t believe the postponement will be accepted and could well not be played, reports the Daily Express.

“I just don’t think it’ll happen that way,” she told TSN. “I just think there will be more discussions, because you can’t possibly schedule your tournament during other events where lots of other players have committed to play like at the Laver Cup and, for us, in Asia.

“You just can’t pick a date and sit on it. Yeah, I don’t really know what the protocol is for a situation like that.

“Obviously, this entire thing is unprecedented but, at the same time, the way that we handle it now will set the standard for the future if we ever face something like this again.

“Everyone is going step by step and learning along the way so to make a rash decision like that is just out of line and even though you’re a grand slam you should have respect for everybody else.

“And I’m sure that those discussions are being held now and I’m sure they felt the repercussions already.”

Groth goes further by declaring the main objective behind the FFT’s decision is to ‘kill off’ the Laver Cup as the French view it as a threat.

“The other thing that’s been missed a little bit in this is the FFT, they’re very much in cahoots with the ITF and they’ve been a big supporter of the new-look Davis Cup,” Groth said on Channel 9.

“What they’ve gone and done is they’ve put themselves in a week that coincides with the Laver Cup, which people see as a bit of a threat – alongside the ATP Cup – to this new-look Davis Cup.

“They’ve gone and backed themselves in, put themselves in a situation where they’re trying to – I feel – kill the Laver Cup before it starts to get as big as a Ryder Cup [in golf] for example.

“They’re looking at that sort of model from a tennis point of view and if you go and make players decide between playing this event (Laver Cup) or playing the French Open, it’s going to be a heck of a decision for the players to have to make.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this one end up in the courts at some point, because a lot of sponsors and a lot of money [is] involved.

“It (Laver Cup) is meant to be in Boston this year. It’s going to be this interesting one, there’s a lot to play out still.”

In contrast to those views, Russian world No 14 Andrey Rublev backs the move bt purely for mercenary purposes.

“The announcement came as a shock but I think it is better to play Roland Garros later in the year than not to play it at all,” he told Russia’s Match TV.

“Unlike team sports, tennis players don’t have a monthly salary and we only earn prize money based on our results at tournaments. If we don’t play, we don’t earn anything.

“I believe this is good news as Roland Garros offers big prize money for many players.”

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