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There is now grave concern as to whether Andy Murray will make it Down Under. He has returned to the UK from his training camp in Miami – its not known whether he actually cut that short or not – and is currently training at the AELTC.

He was meant to travel with his family, straight to Australia for Christmas and compete in the Brisbane International which starts on January 1. All that looks unlikely with Christmas just a few days away.

My plan is to do a couple of weeks in Miami and then go to Australia very early, more earlier than I have done in the past Andy Murray

He exuded a lot of confidence when he played Roger Federer in Glasgow pictured last month to raise funds for his charity. Then he said: “My plan is to do a couple of weeks in Miami and then go to Australia very early, more earlier than I have done in the past.”

His plans have certainly changed since then leaving us to conjecture whether all is going well with his troublesome hip and whether he will make Melbourne.

Hopefully his plans have been readjusted to the timetable he has adopted in the past, arriving in Melbourne for the Australian Open a few weeks prior to Jan 15 when play starts.

Murray has admitted he has played with a hip problem for many years, but it was always containable. He first became aware that the problem had worsened from being a niggle, when he woke up at the French Open following his semi-final loss, with excruciating pain.

At Queen’s and Wimbledon, the problem became obvious and he was basically hobbling during his quarter-final loss to Sam Querrey. He has not played since, pulling out of the US Open 48 hours prior to play.

Meanwhile Stan Wawrinka – who had knee surgery during the summer – and Milos Raonic have announced their withdrawal from the World Tennis Championship exhibition in Abu Dhabi which kicks off next Thursday. Again, there is conjecture whether they will make Melbourne.

And then there is Serena Williams who has entered but not confirmed her entry. Having given birth to her first child on September 1, it would seem unlikely that she is prepared sufficiently to successfully defend her title. But you never know with her.




  1. Linda Russell

    Judy did say in an interview a couple of weeks ago that her Sons would be with her for Christmas. Hiding behind the sofa when she appears on the Christmas Strictly Come Dancing.

  2. Patricia Pierce

    I hope Andy takes more time to recover. He has done very well in the past and I would hate to see him do more damage to his hip that will cause him more problems later in life.

  3. Kathy Kerr

    Do you know what he has maybe just come home for xmas


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