No insurance for Wimbledon, or fans at the US Open

During the week that The Championships should have been building to its climax at Wimbledon this coming weekend, thoughts turn again to the next Grand Slam, the US Open, due to be played from 31 August in New York.

Should the US Open be cancelled?

The question as to whether Flushing Meadows should be allowed to go ahead is still being heavily debated despite the assurances from the USTA that it will!

Abbie’s meteoric rise

Wheelchair tennis players are a breed apart. If you consider the sacrifices that they have to make in order to achieve any sort of competitive standard in their chosen sport, few would choose it as a career path. That is why they are special. And there is none more...

Tsitsipas maintains UTS lead as Thiem pulls out

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown is nearing the knock-out stage but Dominic Thiem will play no part in it after the Austrian, who played just 2 of the 5 weekend’s play, decided to take a rest ahead of his new ‘Thiem 7’ tournament due to take place in Kitzbühel from on...

No fireworks for Wimbledon

The 4th July, American Independence Day, is very different this year, and with no Championships at Wimbledon due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no fireworks and fans must get their tennis fix virtually.

Zverev could be banned

It has been asked on many an occasion over the past few weeks – what punishment will be handed down on those who break the Covid-19 safety regulations at a tournament?

US and French Opens to allow spectators

The decision by the USTA and FFT to allow a limited number of spectators to their respective events comes as a bit of a surprise bearing in mind the disastrous Adria Tour mini-series where the Covid-19 spiked followed the disregard of safety protocols.

Wimbledon strawberries for NHS birthday celebrations

Ahead of the NHS’s 72nd birthday celebrations, the AELTC is saying thank you with a donation of 200 punnets of Wimbledon strawberries per day to NHS staff and frontline workers in London.

The men play for Wimbledon’s pineapple

They make their appearances over the final weekend of The Championships and are highly prized - the five Wimbledon Trophies, one of which proudly displays an unlikely pineapple on the top - but, sadly, will not be on show this year.

Serbian Prime Minister, Gomez and Tipsarevic enter the debate

The fall out of the Adria Tour continues as many struggle to find someone to lay the blame on. In the main that someone is Novak Djokovic who led the campaign for this mini circuit and as it has been repeatedly said, his intentions were good and it had the backing of...
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New York | Federer eases past Evans

Roger Federer cruised into the fourth round of the US Open sweeping aside Britain’s No.2, Dan Evans, 6-2 6-2 6-1 and then took umbridge at suggestions he had received favourable treatment when it came to scheduling.

I was fatigued. I thought it was pretty tough. I was first up after playing yesterday, if I'm being brutally honest, so it was a bit disappointing Dan Evans

Evans had had only 18 hours to recover from a rain delayed match while the third seeded Federer had had a full day’s rest having completed his second-round match 24-hours earlier under the Arthur Ashe retractable roof.

Federer, who had shown a little frailty in his opening two matches when he lost the first sets, showed no weakness on this occasion blasting 48 winners in the 80-minute contest.

“I really enjoyed myself,” Federer said afterwards. “I was able to adjust and take care of business so it was good.”

But the 58th ranked Evans, who could only hit seven winners, took issue with the organisers.

“I was fatigued,” Evans said. “I thought it was pretty tough. I was first up after playing yesterday, if I’m being brutally honest, so it was a bit disappointing.

“Just to try and beat him feeling tired, stiff, playing four sets yesterday, it’s near on impossible, but I actually thought he played pretty much no-error tennis.

“I actually thought I was first on today because I had doubles,” Evans added. “I actually asked the ATP guy and that wasn’t the case. It would have been nice to be second or a night match. I’m not sure who plays Novak (Djokovic) but someone’s going to get the short straw and it was me.”

Five-time US Open champion Federer sympathized with Evans’ frustration.

“You could definitely argue the scheduling was not in his favour,” Federer said. “It’s not fair for me to play my match under the roof, get it done, sit back, relax the next day while he’s battling out a three-hour match. That’s tennis. It’s entertainment and the show must go on.

“I’ve lost maybe matches this way. I’ve won some. This time luck was on my side. There you have it. So, yeah, I understand if Danny is, like, a little bit frustrated.”

Federer however, resented the suggestion he had requested a day match as opposed to an evening one.

“I know there was questions to have a preference, but that doesn’t mean like, ‘Roger asks, Roger gets,'” said Federer. “Just remember that, because I have heard this shit too often now. I’m sick and tired of it, that apparently, I call the shots. The tournament and the TV stations do.”

Despite Federer’s explanation, Evans believed that organisers listened to the top guys. “That wouldn’t be the first time the higher-ranked player has had pull,” Evans said. “The tournament would rather Roger be going through that match than me so it’s understandable.”



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