No fireworks for Wimbledon

The 4th July, American Independence Day, is very different this year, and with no Championships at Wimbledon due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no fireworks and fans must get their tennis fix virtually.

Zverev could be banned

It has been asked on many an occasion over the past few weeks – what punishment will be handed down on those who break the Covid-19 safety regulations at a tournament?

US and French Opens to allow spectators

The decision by the USTA and FFT to allow a limited number of spectators to their respective events comes as a bit of a surprise bearing in mind the disastrous Adria Tour mini-series where the Covid-19 spiked followed the disregard of safety protocols.

Wimbledon strawberries for NHS birthday celebrations

Ahead of the NHS’s 72nd birthday celebrations, the AELTC is saying thank you with a donation of 200 punnets of Wimbledon strawberries per day to NHS staff and frontline workers in London.

The men play for Wimbledon’s pineapple

They make their appearances over the final weekend of The Championships and are highly prized - the five Wimbledon Trophies, one of which proudly displays an unlikely pineapple on the top - but, sadly, will not be on show this year.

Serbian Prime Minister, Gomez and Tipsarevic enter the debate

The fall out of the Adria Tour continues as many struggle to find someone to lay the blame on. In the main that someone is Novak Djokovic who led the campaign for this mini circuit and as it has been repeatedly said, his intentions were good and it had the backing of...

Watson joins Progress Tour Women’s Championships field

Heather Watson has accepted a wildcard and will compete alongside GB Fed Cup teammates Harriet Dart and Katie Boulter at next month’s £30,000 Progress Tour Women’s Championships at the National Tennis Centre.

Wimbledon’s green grass of home

The courts at Wimbledon are lush and green but absent are the world’s best players, who should be completing the first round of matches today had The Championships not been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s the ‘doughnut’ versus the ‘rat’

Nick Kyrgios and Boris Becker have got themselves embroiled in a major bust-up over Alexander Zverev’s recent escapade, namely caught on video partying after the cancellation of the Adria Tour which left a number of players and staff testing positive for the Covid-19...

Murray Trophy – Glasgow 2020 postponed

The Murray Trophy, an ATP Challenger tournament scheduled for 13-20 September at the Scotstoun Leisure Centre in Glasgow, has been postponed until 2021 due to the enforced suspension of professional tennis because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent...
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Novak’s father blames Dimitrov

The Adria Tour has been cancelled and what was certainly intended as a morale boosting programme has ended with players and public receiving positive tests for the Covid-19 virus which in turn has spawned a barrage of criticism as a scapegoat is sought.

He (Dimitrov) inflicted great damage to Croatia and to us as a family and to Serbia Srdjan Djokovic

First it was Grigor Dimitrov, then Borna Coric plus two support coaches. Viktor Troicki became the third player and he was subsequently followed by Novak Djokovic and wife Jelena and now we learn that Troicki’s pregnant wife, Aleksandra, has succumbed.

How many of the public have been diagnosed is not known but one other, the basketball player who Djokovic met up with prior to the tour, Nikola Jokic, has, and jeopardised his return to the Denver Nuggets for the restart of the NBA season.

Sympathy for Djokovic and his ill-judged tour is very much in short supply. He has been at the forefront throughout and revelled in the adulation generated by the tennis starved population, something he has yearned for from the various arenas around the world where his rivals are constantly acclaimed despite his record.

But his actions and the lack of safety precautions which are prevalent at other current exhibition events, will have damaged his reputation and raised questions as to his capabilities as a leader. Should he, for instance, remain President of the ATP Player Council?

His most recent critic is Guido Pella, the world No.35 who believes Djokovic had not only played with people’s health but been disrespectful to the tennis world – and the planet!

Pella, who is still undecided whether to play the US Open, wonders who would treat him if he caught the virus in New York, said of the Adria Tour.

“Beyond Djokovic’s intentions, it is not right to organize the tournament while the world suffers from the pandemic,” the Argentine said. “He played with many people’s health and crossed a line from which it will be challenging to return, disrespecting the world of tennis and the entire planet.

“The leaked videos of him dancing without shirt in a disco do not help at all. I don’t know how he’s going to get out of this. We have to see if the circuit would come back after this. It will be tough not to catch the virus at the US Open.”

Djokovic has issued an apology, but it lacks any contrition.

“It was born with a philanthropic idea, to direct all raised funds towards people in need and it warmed my heart to see how everybody strongly responded,” the Serbian world number one said as he defended the tour.

“We organized the tournament when the virus has weakened, believing the conditions for hosting the Tour had been met.”

And now we have his father Srdjan Djokovic, attempting to lay the blame elsewhere, namely on Grigor Dimitrov’s broad shoulders!

“Why did it happen? Because the man probably came sick, who knows where. He didn’t get tested there; he was tested somewhere else… I don’t think that’s right. Well, what can we do now… He inflicted great damage to Croatia and to us as a family and to Serbia”, Srdjan Djokovic told RTL

However, he believes his son will emerge from this disaster even stronger.

“Nobody is well, not even him… Nobody is well because of this situation. Of course he doesn’t feel well, but what will you do? the situation is as it is. We have to come out of this stronger, to understand that this has to pass, to protect ourselves in some way”, he added.

“We will do everything to make up for all this in the future, when things get normal, and when we do not face with such fears. We will come to Zadar with pleasure,” he concluded.

Meanwhile the Jury remains out on Djokovic.

Guido Pella believes Djokovic played with people's health and disrespected the world of tennis and the entire planet.

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  1. Apple Blaze

    why blame to others? whewwww… irresponsible people knowing you all have the resources to implement healthy protocols at this time of pandemic🙄🙄🙄

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Totally agree Joan. lnfact they should have been tested before they left whatever country they were coming from.

  3. Joan Macgillivray

    There should have been testing before any player took part , very badly organised tournament and the responsibility lies with the organiser !!!!!!

  4. Jan Harrison

    Of course he does, couldn’t be his precious son , the organiser, could it 😡😡😡

  5. Julian Harding

    Sounds like Novak’s father is near certifiable. The men in white coats must be watching his antics closely!

  6. Nicola Letham

    His father should not be pointing the finger at Dimitrov, there’s no proof he brought it to Croatia! Blame is with Djokovic and every individual who turned up without precautions, we are all responsible for our own decisions.

  7. Margaret McRobie

    If his son hadn’t organised the tournament in the first place none of them would have caught it. Cheek of his father. 😡


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