Pospisil takes out compatriot in Vienna

Four matches Wednesday completed the first round of the Erste Bank Open, an ATP 500 tier event being contested in Vienna prior to the Paris Masters 1000 next week, which, in view of the latest restrictions imposed in France, could well be cancelled.

Coco climbs the rankings

Following the WTA’s last Premier event of the year in Ostrava, Coco Gauff is rewarded for battling through qualifying with an 8-place jump in the Rankings published tis week, while champion Aryna Sabalenka and finalist Victoria Azaranka are among the other risers.

In Vienna Thiem and Djokovic struggle and Evans progresses.

Defending champion Dominic Thiem seeded two at the Erste Bank Open, an ATP Tier 500 event, found himself struggling at first when he faced Vitaly Sachko of the Ukraine in his opening round in Vienna.

Ricci Bitti takes on 3rd ASOIF term as President

Former ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti is set to be re-elected for a third and final term as President of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) after being confirmed as unopposed for the role.

Melbourne lockdown easing

The good news is that after 3 months of strict lockdown due to a surge in coronavirus, Melbourne is reopening on Wednesday, paving the way for the easing of restrictions and, hopefully, the return of spectators to sport.

Mixed fortunes on opening day in Vienna, Shapovalov beaten by wildcard

In what is being described as the strongest field ever to be gathered for an ATP 500 event, Denis Shapovalov, the eighth seed from Canada, crashed out of the Erste Bank Open in Vienna, to the Austrian wildcard Jurij Rodionov in straight sets for the biggest win of his...

Sabalenka ousts Azarenka and wins Ostrava double

Aryna Sabalenka completed a remarkable transformation at the J&T Banka Ostrava Open on Sunday when she won both the singles and doubles titles, comprehensively out-striking compatriot Victoria Azarenka in the first all-Belarusian WTA Tour final in history.

Zverev does the Cologne double

Alexander Zverev won his 13th title by completing the Cologne double with a straightforward 6-2 6-1 victory over Diego Schwartzman to remain unbeaten this past fortnight at the consecutive ‘bett1HULKS Championships’ tournaments.

Humbert scores his best career win in Antwerp

In what was a battle between two future stars of the sport, Ugo Humbert of France produced an excellent performance to defeat his young Australian rival Alex de Minaur in just 97-minutes in the final of the European Open for his second title of the season.

Świątek in quarantine

On Friday, French Open champion Iga Świątek was awarded her country’s Golden Cross of Merit for remarkable sporting achievements and promotion of Poland by President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, who has since tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the player to go into...
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Serbian Prime Minister, Gomez and Tipsarevic enter the debate

The fall out of the Adria Tour continues as many struggle to find someone to lay the blame on. In the main that someone is Novak Djokovic who led the campaign for this mini circuit and as it has been repeatedly said, his intentions were good and it had the backing of both the Serbian and Croatian governments.

It's our fault, we made the measures easier; if we didn't, the tournament wouldn't take place and leave the man alone when he had only tried do do something good and brave, the worst thing is that you have 1,001 people who will criticize what happened from the comfort of their home. Ana Brnabic, Prime Minister of Serbia

What is questioned is the complete disregard of safety measures in view of the Covid-19 pandemic which hadn’t affected these two countries as adversely as others which is why the two governments were happy with the organisation and not taking any note of the arrangements other events were taking to safeguard players and the public.

Interestingly the Serbian Prime Minister has now come to the defense of her nation’s idol, pointing out his good intentions.

“Full support to Novak Djokovic,” Ana Brnabic said. “To his credit, he tried to do something good, not only for us in Serbia, but also in the region – to put politics aside, to help young tennis players, to raise money for humanitarian purposes, to do something.

“Congratulations! Whether it was the right time or not, you can’t know with this epidemic, but in any case, the easiest thing is to be the general after the battle and to criticize someone because he had tried to do something good and noble. He invested energy, probably a lot of his money.

‘Blame me, not Novak Djokovic” she told Mondo.

“That (when they blame the government) is the easiest and most beautiful thing for me. If they could put that blame on me personally, as Prime Minister, and leave Novak alone, I would love that so much. It’s our fault, we made the measures easier; if we didn’t, the tournament wouldn’t take place and leave the man alone when he had only tried do do something good and brave, the worst thing is that you have 1,001 people who will criticize what happened from the comfort of their home,” Brnabic concluded.

Andres Gomez of Ecuador wants offenders to be punished

Eduardo Anizelli/ LatinContent via Getty Images

Djokovic has certainly received a lot of flak and his status within the game has been tarnished as highlighted by Andres Gomez, the 1990 French Open champion, who believes action should be taken against those violating safety rules.

Speaking to, he said: “They better get used to it. Maybe in Europe you will have some fans in September, but the sport needs to start with all the safety recommendations.

“Strictly followed. To not do it you should get penalized and treat it as doping or betting. If not ready, stay home and let the ones that are gonna follow the rules play. I am sure some players needed the rest and others to get in better shape.

“As for tennis, they will get in the rhythm playing a lot of practice sets,” Gomez added. “As we can see there are preparation tournaments and exhibition to start getting match tough. Players in semi-finals and final are the ones that are gonna be thinking if they would play the next Masters 1000 and Paris.

“There is going to be a lot less for the players to do besides practice and matches, limited press and almost no appearances. It is going to be interesting” – he concluded.

Janko Tipsarevic accuses British media of trying to 'hang' his friend

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Meanwhile in a recent interview with SportKlub, Janko Tipsarevic came out strongly in defense of his compatriot.

“The British media who are now trying to ‘hang’ Novak Djokovic are the biggest hypocrites.

“A photo was recently published on the beaches of England where everyone is close, Liverpool fans celebrating the Premier League title … In the Bundesliga (German Championship), if someone is positive, he is isolated and everything goes on, but for us there seem to be other rules,” Tipsarevic said.

“Dimitrov tested positive and now they’re shooting Novak with all possible weapons. It’s a double standard, two measures,” he continued. “I would like to see the Americans if … In fact, not of ‘if’, but ‘when’ … someone is infected with the US Open , there are about 700 people in the same place.

“There they are destroying Novak, but what will happen to the US Open if one, two or even three players test positive? Will they cancel it? Will they test the 700 people?”

And so it goes on. The tennis world is certainly split over this subject but, as Tipsarevic questions, what will happen if the Covid-19 virus is tested positive at Flushing Meadows.

And also, what penalties will be exacted on players breaking the safety rules. A question raised by Andy Murray a few weeks back.

PS – Novak Djokovic has donated €40,000 ($45,000) to Novi Pazar in Serbia’s southwest to combat an increase in the Covid-19 virus in the region, after the town declared a state of emergency in late June.



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  1. Paul Kennedy

    I did make a comment, on a Tennis Channel article on the first competitors reporting to have contracted Covid-19, about the lack of Social Distancing both on court and in the stands during the Belgrade leg of the Adria Tour.

    The anti-vaxx opinions of the organiser of this tour notwithstanding, I received a bit of a trolling in response to my comment from a Serbian gentleman effectively stating that, because the Serbs were superior people, there was no way that they could catch Covid-19!!!

    This arrogant attitude, I think, sums up maybe what went wrong with the Adria Tour and maybe why so many players and coaches tested positive.


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