UNIQLO Doubles Masters | Reid and Hewett through to the final

Britain’s Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett stormed through their semi-final in straight sets out on Centre Court today.

A dominant display by the number two seeds securing their spot in tomorrow’s final by defeating Gustavo Fernandez and Maikel Scheffers 6-1 6-2.

And there waiting for them are familiar foes France’s Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer in what will be a replay of the French Open, Wimbledon, US Open and many other men’s doubles finals this year.

Earlier in the day it was runners-up honours for two other Brits Andy Lapthorne and Antony Cotterill when they took to court to play in the quads division final.

The title was won by the USA’s David Wagner and Nick Taylor in straight sets 6-4 6-3 and it marks their tenth UNIQLO Doubles Masters title together.

In the women’s draw Lucy Shuker and Dana Mathewson bowed out in straight sets 6-3 6-4 in the semi-finals to Aniek van Koot and Sabine Ellerbrock.

Van Koot and Ellerbrock will now go on to face top seeds Diede de Groot and Marjolein Buis in the final after their win today.

 Alfie Hewett, Gordon Reid, Maikel Scheffers, Gustavo Fernandez

The men's semi-finals are underway on Centre Court

© Anna Vasalaki

Hewett and Reid set up another tussle for the title with Houdet and Peifer

Britain’s Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett stormed through their semi-final on Centre court today.

In what was a replay of the 2017 British Open semi-final, which went in favour of their opponents Gustavo Fernandez and Maikel Scheffers, the outcome was somewhat different here in Bemmel as Reid and Hewett took this exchange in straight sets 6-1 6-2.

The win means they have booked their place in Sunday’s final and we’ll end the year in the same way we’ve spent much of 2017.

Watching the dynamic British duo and the French tour-de-force of Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer battle it out for a men’s doubles title on the UNIQLO wheelchair tennis tour.

Reid and Hewett dominated from start to finish, dictating play for much of the match – so much so that it took Fernandez and Scheffers until the fifth game of the first set to get a score on the board.

The Argentinian/Dutch pair were given a brief glimmer of hope and opportunity to get back into the match at the start of the second set when they got their one and only break of the Reid serve.

But they failed to consolidate and the Brits went on a five game run, ending it by breaking the Scheffers serve for the fourth time in the match and it was game, set and place in the final Reid and Hewett.

Another two games on the board

And all Reid and Hewett need to do now to book their place in that final is break the Scheffers serve once more

They lead 5-2

The Brits are back

We didn’t think it was possible after that first set masterclass but Reid and Hewett just took it up another level and get the next two games.

They now lead 3-2

A lot closer in this second set

And Fernandez and Scheffers lead for the first time in this match, putting more and more pressure on their opponents before the hard work paid off and they broke the Reid serve.

Fernandez/Scheffers lead 2-1

First set finished

And it belongs to Reid and Hewett.

They completely dominated in that first set forcing Fernandez and Scheffers to bring out their best tennis.

Reid/Hewett take it 6-1

Fernandez and Scheffers get their first game on the board

Hewett finishes of his service game with two aces to take him and Reid 4-0 up.

Then Fernandez comes out fighting, firing out some of his fierce cross court winners and he holds to give him and Scheffers their first game of this match

Reid/Hewett lead 4-1

Perfectly in tune

Everything seems to be working for Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett at the beginning of this first set, they are moving and anticipating well and are really putting pressure on Gustavo Fernandez and Maikel Scheffers with every shot.

They lead 3-0

The first men’s open finalists are confirmed

France’s Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer remain on track when it comes to defending their 2016 title at the 2017 UNQLO Doubles Masters.

They got past Joachim Gerard and Stefan Olsson in straight sets 6-2 6-4

They’ll meet either a double act they’ve shared many a final with this year, Britain’s Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett or the pair they met in the 2017 British Open doubles final, Gustavo Ferrnandez and Maikel Scheffers.

Their doubles semi-final is next on Centre Court and we’ll keep you updated here

 David Wagner and Nick Taylor

David and Nick are 2017 quad division champions

© Anna Vasalaki

A tenth title for Wagner and Taylor

It took David Wagner and Nick Taylor just two sets today to lift the title.

They defeated Andy Lapthorne and Antony Cotterill 6-4 6-3 in the quads division final, meaning the partnership from the USA have now gone into double figures when it comes to lifting the trophy at the the UNIQLO Doubles Masters.

Cotterill and Lapthorne fought hard right to the end but it just wasn’t to be for them today.

But let’s not forget that as they’ve progressed through the tournament this week some money has also been put in the pot for Stand Up 2 Cancer, as Lapthorne has pledged 10% of his winnings from the two year-end tournaments – of which this is one and the singles Masters next week the other – to the cause.

The first set felt very similar to when these two pairs met on Thursday night and treated us to a terrific three set battle.

The American duo in the lead for most of it, the Brits keeping themselves in the set when it all looked over for them, and then Wagner and Taylor breaking away to take it.

The beginning of the second set also gave us a sense of deja-vu as it played out much like it did on Thursday as well – the Brits getting the early lead this time.

Only this time Lapthorne and Cotterill couldn’t build on their momentum and the eventual champions took the lead one more time and raced towards the title going on a run of three straight games to claim it.

Momentum shifts galore

In those last three games.

The Americans break, the Brits break immediately back, the Americans break again

Wagner/Taylor lead 4-3

What did we say about not relying on statistics?

Taylor gets his first service hold of the match and we are level at 2-2.

The Brits lead

For the first time in the match as Cotterill gets his first service hold.

They’ll need to break the Taylor the serve next to consolidate and give them the comfort of being a break up.

They’ve done it 100% of the time in this match already but as we’ve already seen when the pressure’s on and the team from the USA are behind you can’t rely on the previous sets statistics to give you what you need.

Lapthorne/Cotterill lead 2-1

First set to the USA

Not quite the same scoreline as there was in Thursday night’s thriller but just like then Wagner/Taylor take advantage of being one break up and close the first set out 6-4

Lapthorne had a strong service hold to keep him and Cotterill in this set even longer but it wasn’t enough.

Onto the second set now


And Cotterill/Lapthorne keep themselves in this first set with another break of the Taylor serve

Wagner/Taylor lead 5-3

We’ve been here before

On Thursday night actually.

Wagner holds to consolidate the first break and then the team from the USA go on to break the Cotterill serve for the second time in the set.

Wagner/Taylor lead 5-2 and Taylor will serve for the first set.

Another chance to consolidate

Taylor couldn’t keep the advantage and Lapthorne and Cotterill stopped him from consolidating his break in game three.

The Americans get another break immediately afterwards though – this time on the Lapthorne serve.

Can they consolidate this time?

Wagner/Taylor lead 3-2

Early break

Cotterill double faults and the team from the USA get the early break.

it’s been as close as it was at this stage on Thursday though so we hope you’re sitting comfortably as we could have another long on on our hands.

Wagner/Taylor lead 2-1

Here they come

Its GB vs USA

It’s the defending champions vs The nine time champions

It’s Andy Lapthorne/Antony Cotterill vs David Wagner/Nick Taylor

Welcome to the 2017 UNIQLO Doubles Masters quads final.

Prepare yourselves to see this big on court rivalry played out in front of your eyes

 Aniek van Koot and Sabine Ellerbrock

Aniek and Sabine book their place in Sunday's final

© Anna Vasalaki

And joining them will be

The dutch duo Diede de Groot and Marjolein Buis

Meaning that with van Koot through to the final also the Netherlands are guaranteed at least one champion on home turf at the 2017 UNIQLO Doubles Masters.

It took de Groot and Buis three sets and over two hours to get past Kgothatso Montjane and Charlotte Famin 6-2 5-7 6-2

The first set started tight like in the other semi-final before them but de Groot and Buis took their opportunity when it’s presented itself and made their break for it, widening the gap on the scoreboard and taking it 6-2.

The second set was much closer however, and despite de Groot and Buis leading for most of the set then levelling it up twice when they fell behind – once at four all and once at five all – the French/South African duo had found they game at at five all took the next two and the second set.

In the third set momentum shifted back to the top seeds, and excluding the seventh game where Famin went 0-40 up on her serve but de Groot and Buis fought their way back in to eventually take it and go up 5-2, they weren’t challenged as much as they had been in previous sets, de Groot serving out of the match and a place in the final.

The first women’s finalists are decided

Aniek van Koot and Sabine Ellerbrock put in a powerful performance in their semi-final today.

It was a marvellous match full of stunning shots and remarkable rallies, both pairs fighting for that place in the final until the very last point.

In the end it was the Dutch/German duo, who despite having lots of experience on the UNIQLO wheelchair tennis tour have never played doubles together before, came out on top against Lucy Shuker and Dana Mathewson in straight sets 6-3 6-4.

They now go on to the final where they will face the winner of the next semi-final to feature on Centre Court between Diede de Groot/Marjolein Buis and Kgothatso Montjane/Charlotte Famin.

The first set saw Shuker and Mathewson get off to a fantastic start breaking the van Koot serve at the first time of asking and quickly going 2-0 up.

It was then that van Koot and Ellerbrock changed up the pace a little, making an effort to extend the rallies stopping Shuker and Mathewson finishing points off quickly.

They got the next two games on the board and they were now leading 3-2.

Shuker and Mathewson remained one game behind them until the first-time partnership of van Koot and Ellerbrock took their chance at 5-3 up, breaking the Mathewson serve and taking the first set 6-3.

The second set was on serve until the fifth game when once again Shuker and Mathewson made a break for it and went 3-2 up this time.

They looked to be gathering momentum again but van Koot/Ellerbrock stopped them from consolidating by breaking immediately back.

At four all the eventual winners broke away again.

Despite Shuker and Mathewson saving one match point in the final game, van Koot and Ellerbrock took their chance on their second, broke the Mathewson serve at the end of a set once more and booked their spot in Sunday’s final.

A big service game coming up for Dana

Shuker/Mathewson could not consolidate and van Koot/Ellerbrock break them to love.

They follow that up with a hold and lead 5-4.

It’s up to Mathewson now to hold her serve to keep her and Shuker in the second set and subsequently the semi-final

And we have a break

Shuker and Mathewson pull out all the stops, working well together to shorten the rallies and stop Ellerbrock from getting the chance to hit some of her deadly drop shots.

They get the first break of the second set and lead 4-3.

Now can they consolidate?

Aced it

Well van Koot did, finishing off a love service hold with an amazing ace.

These next two games have stayed on serve also Shuker putting in the work and getting a great service hold of her own.

Van Koot/Ellerbrock lead 3-2

On serve

Play is on serve at the beginning of this second set even though both pairs have given themselves chances to get the early break

Van Koot/Ellerbrock lead 2-1

First set van Koot/Ellerbrock

They get the break and take it 6-3

But lets talk about some of those remarkable rallies in that last set from both pairs – we know all four of these players can hit a ball back well but it was like they were all on another level in that set.

Onto the second set and no doubt more terrific tennis from both of these pairs.

Important hold there

For Lucy Shuker – her service game goes to deuce but with some trademark Shuker shots at the net she holds.

Van Koot/Ellerbrock lead 4-3

All change after change of ends

Its van Koot and Ellerbrock who take the next two games and they now lead 3-2 in the first set of this first semi-final

They’re on fire

Shuker/Mathewson have got off to a good start in this semi-final – Mathewson holding to love and then breaking van Koot’s serve.

Van Koot/Ellerbrock break immediately back though

Shuker/Mathewson lead 2-1

First up

Lucy Shuker and Dana Mathewson will take on Aniek van Koot and Sabine Ellerbrock

We caught up with Lucy before she went to Bemmel and you find out more about her hopes for the tournament and her partnership with Mathewson here

Here we are on day four

And here’s the order of play for the start of the day courtesy of the ITF




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