UNIQLO Doubles Masters | Lapthorne and Cotterill through to the quads final

Five Brits were in action today and all five ended the day on a high, as all of them earned victories which will see them progress out of their pools into either semi-finals or finals.




Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett were first up today and they pulled out another of their classic comebacks, coming from a set and 3-0 down to claim victory over Joachim Gerard and Stefan Olsson.

With two wins from two ‘Team Heid’ as they are known have one more match to play tomorrow but because of their other performances they go in knowing they have already made the semi-finals.

Another duo with two from two is Britain’s doubles dynamo Lucy Shuker who is competing alongside the USA’s Dana Mathewson.

They also took us to three sets but it was the middle set that kept us on the edge of our seats with these two as their opponents Charlotte Famin and Kgothatso Montjane made a spirited comeback of their own.

But the number two seeds were too much for them in the third and with that win they top the group and have earned their place in the women’s open open division semi-finals.

Not to be outdone by their fellow Brits Andy Lapthorne and Antony Cotterill went the distance against the USA’s David Wagner and Nick Taylor in the final match on centre court.

Their win in their three set thriller against the team from the USA mean that they will feature in the quads division final and who’ll be there with them is yet to be decided.

But we’ll either see a replay of the match they played today or the one they played yesterday against Heath Davidson and Lucas Sithole with those two pairings going head-to-head in a winner takes all match.

Want to catch up on today’s action before day three gets underway – our live updates from day two, including full match reports and scores, are below

 Andy Lapthorne and Antony Cotterill

Andy and Antony get the win

© Anna Vasalaki

Game, Set and three set marathon to the Brits

Britain’s Andy Lapthorne and Antony Cotterill treated to us to our third and final three set thriller of the day as they came from a set down to beat the team from the USA, David Wagner and Nick Taylor, 5-7 7-5 6-3.

Not to be outdone by their fellow Brits, all of whom also were involved in three setters today, they decided to go the distance.

The win means that they are two from two and have booked their spot in the final with one match to spare.

The match between Wagner/Taylor and Heath Davidson/Lucas Sithole tomorrow deciding who they will face at the other side of the net as they both have one win each.

It was a match full of twists, turns and momentum shifts from start to finish.

In the first set Wagner/Taylor raced to a 4-1 lead before the defending champions clawed it back and we were level at 5-5.

Wagner and Taylor then saw momentum shift back their way and took the next two games and the first set.

We saw a similar scenario in the second too only this time it was Lapthorne/Cotterill who led for much of the set, they were even 5-2 up at one point, before the American duo levelled it up to five all.

Once again the team that led for most of the set took the final two games, Lapthorne and Cotterill grinding through to force the decider.

The third set could be best described as being like a yo-yo – there were ups and downs for both teams.

The British duo getting the better start, the pair from the USA then overtaking and taking the lead, before momentum shifted back again to Lapthorne and Cotterill and they went up 4-3.

Momentum with the Brits they made light work of the next two games and took the third set and subsequently the match.

The games keep coming in two by two

Would you believe it there’s been a change in the lead again!

A comfortable service hold from Lapthorne and just as comfortable a break of the Taylor serve and Lapthorne/Cotterill now lead again 4-3

All change

There’s been yet another momentum shift in this match.

Wagner/Taylor take the next two games and now they lead in this third and deciding set 3-2

A solid start for the Brits

They take the first two games then Taylor gets a hold to keep the team from the USA just behind them

Lapthorne/Cotterill lead 2-1

A trio of three setters

Well the other Brits have taken us to three sets today so obviously Lapthorne and Cotterill didn’t want to feel left out.

They take the second set 7-5 and we’re into… yes you guessed it…. another deciding set.

The game that said it all

Well they weren’t ever going to do it the easy way were they – Thursday night is still young and there’s lots more entertainment to be had from this match.

That last game though pretty much summed up what this match has been like – momentum shifts galore and each pair having chances but not necessarily taking them all the time.

Lapthorne/Cotterill now lead 6-5

Not over yet

The team from the USA take the next two games and keep themselves in the second set.

There’s still one chance left for the Brits to take this set the easy way – it all rests on Lapthorne holding his next service game.

Lapthorne/Cotterill lead 5-4

Lapthorne and Cotterill break away

The gap starts to widen between the two pairs in this set and Lapthorne holds then him and Cotterill break the Taylor serve again.

They lead 5-2 and in a dramatic reversal of fortune, the Brits no longer playing catch-up in this set, Cotterill will serve for the second set.

Looks like it’s going to be another close one

Wagner/Taylor end Lapthorne/Cotterill’s three game run with a comfortable service hold for Wagner.

Lapthorne/Cotterill lead 3-2

The Brits lead for the first time

Wagner holds his first serve but so does Lapthorne.

The British duo then get the early break as Cotterill once again skilfully patrols the net acting as an impenetrable forcefield against anything that might come his way.

Lapthorne/Cotterill lead 2-1

First set Wagner and Taylor

Some clever play by the Americans in that final rally, opening up the court to leave areas exposed that the Brits just can’t get to.

They take the first set 7-5 but it’s still all to play for as we’ve seen already today winning the first set doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the match.

Set not over yet

Lapthorne puts in the work and holds his nerve and his serve levelling it at five all.

Taylor then gets his own service hold

Wagner/Taylor lead 6-5 and it’s Cotterill’s turn to serve to see if he can keep the Brits in the first set and force a tie-break.

Two games, two breaks of serve

And this set is still very much alive as Cotterill goes for the shot at the net and it gets past the American pair.

Wagner/Taylor lead 5-4 and Lapthorne will serve to keep him and Cotterill in the first set

Lapthorne and Cotterill nipping at their heels

you can’t help but think that was an important break for the Brits at just the right time.

If they hadn’t got it then Wagner and Taylor would have gone 5-2 up and Cotterill would be serving to stay in the set.

The pressure is off though so can Cotterill hold to level it up in this first set at four all?

Wagnr/Taylor lead 4-3

Wagner and Taylor get the break

And hold to consolidate.

Wagner and Taylor are working well together as are the British pair, Cotterill once again impressing at the net, but it’s just not happening for them at the minute in the same way.

Wagner/Taylor lead 4-1

Straightforward start

As play stays on serve but that doesn’t tell the full story.

Wagner started with an easy service hold but then the next two games (Lapthorne and Taylor’s service games) both go to deuce.

They both come through them.

Wagner/Taylor lead 2-1

Onto the quads division

And the playing out of that great on court rivalry

It’ll be Britain’s Andy Lapthorne and Antony Cotterill taking on the USA’s David Wagner and Nick Taylor

The battles between these two pairs are never dull so we hope you’re sitting comfortably because it’s about to begin

 Lucy Shuker and Dana Mathewson

Lucy and Dana win their doubles on day two

© Anna Vasalaki

Shuker and Mathewson treat us to another three-setter

Britain’s Lucy Shuker and the USA’s Dana Mathewson didn’t want be upstaged by what was going on in the men’s draw while they were playing out on court 4 so they treated us to their very own three set thriller.

The number two seeds defeated Charlotte Famin and Kgothatso Montjane 6-2 3-6 6-3 and the result now means that having won both of their Pool B matches they will top their group – plus they’ll get a day off to celebrate.

They took the first set easily but then Famin and Montjane gathered momentum in the second set and levelled it up taking us to a decider.

At 2-2 in the third set Shuker and Mathewson once again gained some more momentum and they went on to claim the deciding set and subsequently the match.

The women’s draw gets underway

It sees Britain’s Lucy Shuker and the USA’s Dana Mathewson take on Charlotte Famin and Kgothatso Montjane in Pool B.

And the all dutch partnership of Diede de Groot and Marjolein Buis go head-to-head with Sabine Ellerbrock and Aniek van Koot in Pool A

 Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett

Gordon and Alfie claim victory in a three set thriller

© Anna Vasalaki

The Brits battle through a three set thriller

Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett kept us on the edge of our seats once again after their three set win over Joachim Gerard and Stefan Olsson 2-6 6-4 6-4.

Before the match we knew it had the potential to be close one – Gerard and Olsson both being formidable opponents whether that be on the singles or doubles court.

However we weren’t prepared to once again witness the British duo have to come back from a set and 3-0 down to get the win.

But we didn’t panic and neither did they – after all this is standard Gordon and Alfie territory now – and they came through maintaining their 100% winning record in Pool B at the 2017 UNIQLO Doubles Masters.

The first set belonged to their opponents – Gerard and Olsson starting the stronger of the two pairs.

And it wasn’t long before the chair umpire was calling “first set Gerard/Olsson”.

The number four seeds looked like they were going to finish it in straight sets at the start of the second set going 3-0 up.

But although Reid and Hewett, now famous on the tour for their fightbacks, may be down at some points in a match you can never count them out – not until that last ball is hit and that final point played.

Fired up, the Wimbledon and US Open doubles champions went on a five game run, only stopped in their tracks from making it six by a particularly hard fought service hold from Gerard.

It was then up to Reid to serve it out – which he did – and we were into a decider.

The third set was tight – and although the Brits got the early break and consolidated to go ahead, Gerard and Olsson were always nipping at their heels.

With them 4-3 up, they gave us one final scare – Gerard and Olsson breaking Reid’s serve to level it at four all.

But Reid and Hewett broke straight back and at 5-4 up it was up to Hewett this time to serve for the match.

And boy did he do it in style – an ace followed by a serve so powerful that it was impossible to get on the end of – sealing the deal and handing them the win.

Back tomorrow to watch them do it all again – definitely

Hoping for a similar style comeback – I know you’re famous for it now boys but perhaps give us a days rest from the drama and give us simple straight sets.

A set and 3-0 down might scare some

But it’s just like another day at the office for Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett.

They get the win against Gerard and Olsson in a three set thriller that lasted over 2 and a half hours 2-6 6-4 6-4.

Well there’s always got to be little peril in every set with Alfie and Gordon

And this one is no different

Gerard and Olsson got the break and we were at four all but Hewett and Reid came back fighting and broke immediately back.

Hewett/Reid lead 5-4 – now can Hewett serve it out?

No sign of anyone breaking away yet

Although both pairs have had opportunities in this deciding set, including in that last game where Hewett and Reid were ahead at the start but Gerard and Olsson came from 0-30 down and clawed it back.

Hewett/Reid lead 4-3

It’s close still

Two holds of serve in the subsequent games see Reid and Hewett still out in front in the decider as they consolidate to ensure they are a break up.

Hewett/Reid lead 3-2

Well those three games were relatively stress free….

….. until the end that was.

Play looked to be staying on serve for the opening three games of the decider but then at 40-0 up a number of errors started creeping into Gerard’s serve giving Hewett and Reid the chance to find their way back in.

Hewett and Reid get the early break and lead 2-1

Yes he can!

And we’re into a decider!

They do like to give us our money’s worth do Hewett and Reid, even if it does involve leaving us on the edge of our seats by going a set and 3-0 far more than they need to.

A much stronger performance from the Brits in this set – Hewett’s serve is more consistent and they are playing some clever tennis to finish the point in what have been some incredible rallies between them and the number four seeds this set.

Who will win? – let the decider decide!!!!!!!

Can Reid serve it out?

Play has stayed on serve with the next two games.

It’s now up to Reid to see if he can serve out the second set and force the decider

Hewett/Reid lead 5-4

And the Brits are back 

Hewett: “Come on!”

Like we said we before we told you not to panic, Hewett and Reid have come from 3-0 down to take the next four games and the lead for the first time in this match.

Hewett/ Reid lead 4-3 in the second

We told you not to panic!

Reid and Hewett follow up their hold with a break of the Gerard serve – no mean feat given how well the Belgian appears to be serving today.

Gerard/Olsson lead 3-2

That’s the way to do it Hewett

Hewett gets his first service hold of this match.

Gerard/Olsson lead 3-1

Momentum clearly with the number four seeds at the moment

Olsson holds to notch up his and Gerard’s fifth straight game to take them a set and 3-0 up.

Hang on haven’t we seen that scoreline before in some of their other doubles matches not just against the number four seeds? And haven’t Hewett and Reid come back from that before ?

They most certainly have so it’s not time to panic yet

Gerard/Olsson lead 3-0 in the second set.

Could we have one of those comebacks now please?

We knew when this started they weren’t going to make it easy for us – I mean how many Gordon and Alfie three setters have we been through before.

And Gerard and Olsson are formidable opponents – Gerard is looking particularly strong on serve today and he’s battering those backhands like a fish shop batters cod – scrumptiously.

Gerard/Olsson take the first set 6-2

It’s up to Hewett now

Play stays on serve and Gerard and Olsson go 5-2 up.

Hewitt must serve to keep the Brits in this set

Gerard and Olsson go ahead

They get the next two games breaking the Hewett serve and then Gerard holds to consolidate.

Gerard/Olsson lead 4-1

Deuce the two of us

We thought Houdet, Peifer, Fernandez and Scheffers liked a deuce but they’ve got nothing on Reid, Hewett, Gerard and Olsson.

All three opening games went to deuce and that last one which saw Hewett and Reid get the break after losing the first two games went to four of them before the number two seeds took advantage of their third break point.

Gerard/Olsson lead 2-1

Now onto the next one

Britain’s Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett are on court ready to take on Belgium’s Joachim Gerard and Stefan Olsson

 Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer

Stephane and Nicolas won their second Pool A match

© Anna Vasalaki

A duo of doubles victories now for Houdet and Peifer

France’s Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer claimed their second victory at the UNIQLO Doubles Masters in Bemmel.

They were playing number three seeds Gustavo Fernandez and Maikel Scheffers in their second pool A match and came out on top in straight sets 6-2 6-4

The first set started with nothing much really separating the two pairs, none of them able to hold serve and two out of the first three games going to deuce.

Then bring on Peifer, who got the first service service hold of the match, which kick-started a confidence boost in the defending champions as they raced to a 5-1 lead.

Scheffers then got his first hold on the scoreboard but it wasn’t enough as Peifer once again stepped up to the challenge and served out for the first set.

The second set was a much closer affair with top seeds, Houdet and Peifer, once again getting the early break.

However at 2-1 up they failed to consolidate and Fernandez and Scheffers were back in the match and at one point led 3-2 in the second set.

But you can never rule out the French tour-de-force when they’re behind – and they weren’t going to let this match go to a decider if they could help it.

Momentum began to shift back towards the top seeds and Houdet served it out at 5-4 up, giving them their second win in as many matches at this years event.

An important hold for Fernandez

Keeping him and Scheffers in the second set when they were 5-3 down.

Houdet/Peifer lead 5-4 and Houdet will serve for the set and the match

Houdet and Peifer still going strong though

The lead has shifted again in this second set as Houdet and Peifer take the next two games.

They did give us a scare at one point though going 0-40 down on Houdet’s serve but the French tour-de-force pulled it back to deuce, took that game, then broke the Scheffers serve once again.

Houdet/Peifer now lead 4-3

You get the feeling that’s going to be one of the important points in the match

And it was as momentum appears to be shifting just slightly.

Fernandez/Scheffers break back immediately as Peifer has a challenging service game for the first time in this match.

It went to deuce a number of times – each pair having advantage at different points but it was the Argentinian/Dutch duo of Fernandez and Scheffers who took their chance.

They then followed that up with a service hold.

Fernandez/Scheffers lead for the first time in the match 3-2

Fernandez gets his first service hold but it’s still the top seeds who get the early break

The number three seeds got off to a much more positive start in this second set, Fernandez getting his first service hold.

Houdet then followed it up with a hold of his own..

This was followed by him and Peifer going 0-40 up against the Scheffers serve in the third game.

Fernandez/Scheffers saved two of the break points, a touch call and an unforced error from Peifer taking it to 40-30, but the French duo took their chance on the third.

Houdet/Peifer lead 2-1

Peifer serves it out – first set top seeds

Another strong service game from Peifer, who at the end of this first set is the only player not to have had his serve broken at least once.

And that’s what’s made the difference here and led to the French duo taking the first set 6-2.

Fernandez and Scheffers have been hitting some great shots and returns and in rallies they’ve really been putting pressure on the defending champions.

But if they want to make a comeback and force this match into a deciding third set they are going to have to start holding more service games, in addition to putting pressure on their opponents.

Scheffers keeps first set hopes alive

After Houdet fires out an ace with one of his stinging serves to get the hold, taking him and Peifer 5-1 up, Scheffers had it all to do as he served to keep him and Fernandez in the first set.

But he gets the hold and their first set hopes are still alive as they force Peifer to serve it out.

Houdet/Peifer lead 5-2

Peifer consolidates

Peifer gets the first service hold of the match and consolidates the break.

The top seeds then break the Fernandez serve again as momentum starts to shift their way.

Houdet/Peifer lead 4-1

And we’re off

With three breaks of serve at the beginning of this match it, only one game not going to deuce, it’s already a very competitive and well-match affair on Centre Court.

Houdet/Peifer broke the Fernandez serve in the first game.

The duo from France were unable to consolidate after an unforced error from Houdet handed Fernandez/Scheffers the immediate break back.

Then it was time for Scheffers to serve and once again we had a break

Houdet/Peifer lead 2-1

It’s almost time to get going

We hope you’re ready for some great matches.

Here’s todays order of play courtesy of the ITF



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