No fireworks for Wimbledon

The 4th July, American Independence Day, is very different this year, and with no Championships at Wimbledon due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no fireworks and fans must get their tennis fix virtually.

Zverev could be banned

It has been asked on many an occasion over the past few weeks – what punishment will be handed down on those who break the Covid-19 safety regulations at a tournament?

US and French Opens to allow spectators

The decision by the USTA and FFT to allow a limited number of spectators to their respective events comes as a bit of a surprise bearing in mind the disastrous Adria Tour mini-series where the Covid-19 spiked followed the disregard of safety protocols.

Wimbledon strawberries for NHS birthday celebrations

Ahead of the NHS’s 72nd birthday celebrations, the AELTC is saying thank you with a donation of 200 punnets of Wimbledon strawberries per day to NHS staff and frontline workers in London.

The men play for Wimbledon’s pineapple

They make their appearances over the final weekend of The Championships and are highly prized - the five Wimbledon Trophies, one of which proudly displays an unlikely pineapple on the top - but, sadly, will not be on show this year.

Serbian Prime Minister, Gomez and Tipsarevic enter the debate

The fall out of the Adria Tour continues as many struggle to find someone to lay the blame on. In the main that someone is Novak Djokovic who led the campaign for this mini circuit and as it has been repeatedly said, his intentions were good and it had the backing of...

Watson joins Progress Tour Women’s Championships field

Heather Watson has accepted a wildcard and will compete alongside GB Fed Cup teammates Harriet Dart and Katie Boulter at next month’s £30,000 Progress Tour Women’s Championships at the National Tennis Centre.

Wimbledon’s green grass of home

The courts at Wimbledon are lush and green but absent are the world’s best players, who should be completing the first round of matches today had The Championships not been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s the ‘doughnut’ versus the ‘rat’

Nick Kyrgios and Boris Becker have got themselves embroiled in a major bust-up over Alexander Zverev’s recent escapade, namely caught on video partying after the cancellation of the Adria Tour which left a number of players and staff testing positive for the Covid-19...

Murray Trophy – Glasgow 2020 postponed

The Murray Trophy, an ATP Challenger tournament scheduled for 13-20 September at the Scotstoun Leisure Centre in Glasgow, has been postponed until 2021 due to the enforced suspension of professional tennis because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent...
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Wimbledon | Kyrgios gets support for his antics

Nick Kyrgios ruffled the feathers of Rafa Nadal, officials and traditionalists as he exited Wimbledon.

Nick transcends tennis but I think the problem we all have with him is the occasions when he doesn’t even look like he’s trying – we don’t ask anything else of professional athletes Mats Wilander

The Australian called the umpire a “disgrace”, produced underarm serves, shouted at his guest box and blasted the ball straight at Nadal’s chest as the two-time champion beat him during their “grudge” second-round showdown.

It was the latest display from a player with a reputation for doing and saying what he wants and to hell with the consequences. And showing no contrition on reflection.

But the maverick has the backing of former world No.1 Mats Wilander, a seven-time Grand Slam winner.

Wilander said: “There is a place in the game for the way Nick played (against Nadal). There is no difference between that and  Ilie Nastase’s behaviour in his day, John McEnroe’s behaviour too.

“You look at the place in the game they have now and they clearly brought something different. John brought a temper and perfection.

“Nick is bringing artistry, entertainment – so long as he is playing to try to win like he did (against Nadal). It’s not a popularity contest.

“Nick transcends tennis but I think the problem we all have with him is the occasions when he doesn’t even look like he’s trying – we don’t ask anything else of professional athletes.

“I love entertainment, I love what he does, I love the under-hand serves. It’s different, but it’s allowed. We are pushing the rules all the time. Football is the most popular sport in the world and they are stretching the laws of the game all the time.

“Show me that you care about winning and losing and then no one would care about Nick Kyrgios winning or losing. That’s perhaps where he differs slightly to McEnroe or Nastase.

The Eurosport expert quoted in the Daily Express said: “In my opinion, this game between Kyrgios and Nadal was the most exciting second-round match in Wimbledon history.”

Like it or no, it seems, Kygrios is box office. People are entertained by such behaviour.

He said: “I am always willing to go out there and try and put on a show. I know people that bought a ticket probably had a great day. A lot of good matches on that court. That was a really good match. I enjoyed myself a lot out there.

“At times, I was looking around. This is Wimbledon, playing Rafa. I’m having a lot of fun. I was a little different, underarm serves. A lot of people watching, so.”




  1. Janice Hill

    Sorry I think he’s like a petulant child. It’s not fair to those who are serious about their sport.

  2. Jan Harrison

    Rafa is so slow when playing , equally as annoying as Nicks antics . I was there and thought Nick actually behaved pretty well today


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